Birthday 11.11.1993 (Scorpio)
Height 140 cm (4' 7")
Weight 36 kg (79 lbs)
Blood type ab
Anime debut Her Whereabouts
Japanese voice actor Miki Fukui (visual novel)
Azuma Sakamoto (anime)
English voice actor Corey Hartzog

Yu (, ?) is a young boy who initially makes a debut in the ~After Story~ episode Her Whereabouts. He is initally seen "armlocking" Yukine because his sister is at Kazuto's gang.

After calming down, Yu explains to Yukine that his 21 year old sister ran away after a fight with their mom. Yukine tells him that she would help him find his sister and speak to the gang. Yu is quite thankful for this. After reuniting with his sister, Yu is seen later with Sunohara who is teaching him how to be a man. Yu makes a cameo appearance in episode 16 of ~After Story~ in the photo on the Christmas card sent to the Okazaki residence.