The Older and Younger
Sister's Founder's Festival
Ane to Imōto no Sōritsushasai
Clannad, Episode 6
The Older and Younger Sister's Founder's Festival Shot
Tomoya, Fūko, Nagisa and Kōko at the Founder's Festival.
Air date (Japan) 8 November 2007
Air date (US) 12 April 2009
Episode chronology
The Scenery With a Carving
Star-Shaped Feelings
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The Older and Younger Sister's Founder's Festival (姉と妹の創立者祭, Ane to Imōto no Sōritsushasai?) is the sixth episode of Clannad. The episode was first broadcast in Japan on 8 November 2007, and in the United States on 12 April 2009.


Tomoya and Nagisa invite Fuko's older sister Kouko to the Founder's Festival. In the meantime, Fūko hands out more carved starfish to students at the festival, and her fan club helps spread the word about Kōko's wedding too. Nagisa and Tomoya meet Tomoyo, who is wearing a bear suit to find people who are causing trouble, and manages to knock Yōhei out a window for bothering a girl. When Kōko finally comes, she cannot see or hear her sister.

Major eventsEdit

  • It is discovered that Kouko can't see or hear Fuko


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