Album Sorarado
Artist Riya
Released 28 December 2003
Genre J-pop
Length 5:07
Label Key Sounds Label
Lyrics by Key
Music by Shinji Orito
Arrangement by Manyo

Over (オーバー, Ōbā?) is the second track of the Sorarado album. It was used as an insert song during the tennis match scene in the Clannad episode Counter Measures. It was sung by Riya, and is based on the song That's Like the Wind from the Clannad Original Soundtrack. It was not used in the Visual Novel. It was released on 28 December 2003.




徒歩でどこまで? 夢に見た遠い場所まで


この町が夕日に包まれてた 立ち並んだその影をオーバー

暗闇の中 眠たげに目をこすって


躍起になってまた目をつむって 今度は走っていった君の
その先にもずっと続いていくよ 光に照らし出された道


(Biru wa hitogomi no oobaa)
(Inori umu tsudzuku oobaa)

Niji ga sugite bokura wa mou mayotta
Toho de doko made? Yume ni mita tooi basho made
Atarashii mono nante nakatta kono machi ni mo
Shiranai keshiki ga fuete itta

Hitotsu me no kado nara me wo tsumuttemo magareru
Harikitte atama wo posuto ni butsukete kimi wa naita

Donna kotoba wo kaketemo kimi wa suneta mama de aruki tsudzuketeta
Kono machi ga yuuhi ni tsutsumareteta tachinaranda sono kage wo oobaa

Kuji wo sugite boku wa yatto kidzuita
Kurayami no naka nemuitage ni me wo kosutte
Maa douzo kochira ni kite tatte nagamete goran
Hikari no kazu dake fueta mono wo

Kawari hatete shimatte jibun hitori ga nokosareru
Sore wa samishii koto da to itte kimi wa mata naita

(Biru wa hitogomi no oobaa)
(Inori umu tsudzuku oobaa)

Yakki ni natte mata me wo tsumutte kondo wa hashitte itta kimi no
Sono saki ni mo zutto tsuduzuite iku yo hikari ni terashi dasareta michi


(The buildings tower over crowds of people)
(Over the prayers coming to life)

Two o'clock passes and we're still lost
How far will we walk? To the distant place we saw in our dreams
Even in this town where nothing is new
The unfamiliar scenery increases

In the corner of my eye, you turned around even with your eyes closed
You were so excited you hit your head on a post and cried

No matter what I said, you continued to sulk as we walked
The town was enveloped in the sunset and our shadows stood up over each other's

Nine o'clock passes and I finally realized it
In the darkness I rubbed my eyes sleepily
Go on, stand here and take a look
Just at the number of lights as they increase

Things will change one day and I'll be left on my own
You cried again, saying that that would be lonely

(The buildings tower over crowds of people)
(Over the prayers coming to life)

You became eager and shut your eyes again, this time running ahead
On the road where the light shone ahead of you forever

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