Okazaki may refer to one of the following characters:

  • Tomoya Okazaki, one of the main protagonists of Clannad.
  • Nagisa Okazaki, Nagisa Furukawa's name after marrying Tomoya.
  • Naoyuki Okazaki, the son of Shino, the older brother of Yui, the husband of Atsuko, the father of Tomoya, the father in law of Nagisa, and the paternal grandfather of Ushio.
  • Ushio Okazaki, the daughter of Tomoya and Nagisa, the granddaughter of Naoyuki and Atsuko, the great-granddaughter of Shino, and the great-niece of Yui.
  • Shino Okazaki, the mother of Naoyuki and Yui, the paternal grandmother of Tomoya, and the paternal great-grandmother of Ushio.
  • Yui Okazaki, the daughter of Shino, the younger sister of Naoyuki, the sister in law of Atsuko, the paternal aunt of Tomoya, and the paternal great-aunt of Ushio.

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