Character Preview

Nagisa during the performance.

Nagisa's play is a story about a girl who lives in a world that has ended. The girl is lonely so she makes a garbage doll that comes to life. At the end of the play, the girl and the doll leave the world and sing a song; Nagisa sang Dango Daikazoku (despite Tomoya's insistence that it was not in keeping with the rest of the story).

Nagisa performs the play at her school in Two Shadows, after having practiced it throughout the story. It is not made clear exactly how she knows the story.


  • In the visual novel, the girl and the doll sing Dango Daikazoku  at the "end" of their journey.
  • This is actually the 2nd time Nagisa has watched (or performed) a play, the first being the play of which her dad brought for her.

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