Disc2 manual 01
Type Arrange album
Artist Hideki Higuchi
Released 28 April 2004
Length 44:34
Number of tracks 9
Label Key Sounds Label
Catalog number KSLA-0011

Mabinogi is an arrange album which contains a selection of songs from the Clannad visual novel, remixed by Hideki Higuchi. This album was released as a bonus item, included with the limited edition first printing of the PC version of the game released on 28 April 2004 by Key Sounds Label bearing the catalog number KSLA-0010, though this was later corrected to KSLA-0011.[1] This album was not released for individual sale. Of the nine tracks on the one-disc album, only the first eight were arranged versions of background music found in the game.


No. Title Artist Arrangement Length
1 "Raise Those Cherry Blossom Blinds" (その桜簾を抜けてSono Sakura Sudare o Nukete) Jun Maeda 3:31
2 "Run Along the Chartreuse Pavement" (萌葱色の石畳を駆けるMoegiiro no Ishidatami o Kakeru) Magome Togoshi 6:08
3 "Sunflower-colored Dress Fluttering in the Wind" (風になびく向日葵色のワンピースKaze ni Nabiku Himawariiro no One-piece) Magome Togoshi 3:25
4 "Lilac Flower Ornament on the Chest" (胸元にライラックの花飾りMunamoto ni Rairakku no Hana Kazari) Shinji Orito 1:57
5 "The Warmth Left in the Palm of Your Hand" (手のひらに残る温もりはTenohira ni Nokoru Nukumori wa) Shinji Orito 4:42
6 "A New Life Reborn" (生まれ変わった新しい生命Umarekawatta Atarashii Seimei) Jun Maeda 6:28
7 "Inside a Cradle Overflowing with Light" (光りあふれる揺りかごの中でHikari Afureru Yurikago no Naka de) Shinji Orito 6:03
8 "A Small Song Passed from Mother to Child" (母から子へ受け継がれる小さな唄Haha Kara Ko e Uketsugareru Chiisana Uta) Jun Maeda 7:29
9 "Mag Mell (long ver.)" (メグメルMegu Meru)
(Lyrics and performance by Riya)
Eufonius Kiku 4:51


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