Hikarizaka General Hospital
Hikarizaka Sōgōbyōin

After Story 20
Fuko and Ushio talk while at the Hospital in The Tidal Breeze's Mischief
Type Hospital

Hikarizaka General Hospital (光坂総合病院, Hikarizaka Sōgōbyōin?) is a hospital built over the meadow where Akio prayed for Nagisa's life when she was ill as a child.

It is mentioned[citation needed] that Nagisa is bound to that place, and when Nagisa is ill while pregnant, Tomoya suggests that should the hospital be demolished, Nagisa would get better. Ushio is also seen to have a connection to the location; in The Tidal Breeze's Mischief, she twice arrives at the hospital while walking, and is found by Fuko the second time.

In The End of the World, Tomoya considers sending Ushio to the Hospital after she becomes ill but decides against it as no one knows how to help her.

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