Furukawa Bread
Furukawa Pan

Furukawa Bread
Furukawa Bread as seen in The Older and Younger Sister's Founder's Festival
Type Bakery, residential
Main occupants Furukawa family

Furukawa Bread (古河パン, Furukawa Pan?) is a bakery owned and operated by the Furukawa family, and also doubles as the Furukawas' home, which is located behind and on top of the bakery. It is located in front of a park. It is first seen in On the Hillside Path Where the Cherry Blossoms Flutter. The bakery is well known for Sanae's strange concepts for making bread that are anything but edible and never get sold. However, it is an unspoken rule that no one can make a negative comment on anything made by her, so most of the time neighbors end up buying bread made by Akio. The Furukawa Bakery is also the home for the Furukawa Cram School, where Sanae tutors children from the neighborhood.

The bakery was built after Akio and Sanae quit their jobs to be with Nagisa. It was a bakery because Sanae is confident that she can bake.

Okazaki moves in with Nagisa in A New Life due to his strained relationship with his father. In Season of Beginnings, Tomoya begins to work in the bakery after he graduates from school. However, he decides to get a more serious job with the hope of becoming truly independent with his own strength and not relying on other people. In this same episode, he moves out of the bakery and takes up a job as an electrician.

Gallery of Sanae's Bread Edit

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