Ernesto Host
Ānesuto Hōsuto

Family restaurant
The restaurant as it is seen in
In the Remains of Summer
Type Family restaurant

Ernesto Host (アーネスト・ホースト, Ānesuto Hōsuto?) is a family restaurant which features in Clannad ~After Story~. First seen in A New Family, the restaurant is the workplace of heroine Nagisa Furukawa. Rie Nishina and Sugisaka also work there alongside her. The restaurant's name is a play on that of real-life kickboxer Ernesto Hoost, whose name is rendered the same in katakana and rōmaji. Another franchise of the restaurant also features in the Kanon anime.

Tomoya and Akio visit Nagisa at the restaurant, with Akio in an unconvincing disguise, in A New Family. After the two of them confront a couple of customers who were accosting Nagisa, Tomoya meets with the restaurant's manager. Though Tomoya is expecting to be yelled at for scaring off customers, the manager proves to be a kind and understanding man. He praises Nagisa's work ethic, and tells Tomoya he'll be relying on him to take care of Nagisa when she's unwell.

The restaurant also features in the following episode, In the Remains of Summer. Tomoya and Sanae visit the restaurant while they discuss Nagisa's health, and the risks associated with her pregnancy.

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