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A magazine-sized 39-page book called pre-Clannad was published by SoftBank Creative on April 15, 2004.[1] The book contained images from the visual novel, and short explanations of the characters, along with production sketches and concept drawings.[1] A 160-page visual fan book was published by Enterbrain on October 12, 2004 which contained detailed story explanations, computer graphics, sheet music for the opening and ending themes, and interviews from the creators. Near the end of the book contains original illustrations of Clannad characters from various artists, three additional chapters of the Official Another Story, and production sketches.[2]

A set of 14 illustrated short stories which added to Clannad's story were serialized between the September 2004 and October 2005 issues of ASCII Media Works' Dengeki G's Magazine.[3][4] Titled Official Another Story Clannad: Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de (Official Another Story Clannad 光見守る坂道で Official Another Story Clannad: On the Hillside Path that Light Watches Over?), there were 13 regular chapters and one extra bonus chapter. The installments were written by Key's scenario staff and each story was accompanied by illustrations by Japanese artist GotoP. Two more stories were included when they were collected into a 103-page bound volume released on November 25, 2005.[5]

Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de was later re-released via SoftBank 3G and FOMA mobile phones produced by Prototype through VisualArt's Motto starting in January 2008.[6] One chapter was released weekly with the SoftBank 3G releases three weeks behind the version for FOMA phones.[7] Prototype again re-released the short story collection, this time on the PSP in two volumes, each containing eight chapters and including the original art by GotoP. The first volume was released on June 3, 2010 and the second followed on July 15, 2010;[8] the re-release is described by the developers as a "visual sound novel".[9] Prototype released the short story collection as downloadable content on July 6, 2011 for the PS3 version of Clannad.[10] Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de was released in two volumes on Android devices: the first volume on November 30, 2011,[11][12] and volume two on April 11, 2012.

Two Clannad anthology character novels were written by several authors and published by Jive in September and December 2004.[13][14] The first volume of a short story anthology compilation series written by Hiro Akizuki and Mutsuki Misaki titled Clannad. (くらなど。?) was released in November 2008 published by Harvest;[15] the third volume was released in October 2009.[16] Three volumes of a short story compilation series by several authors titled Clannad SSS were published by Harvest between June and August 2009. Harvest published a novel titled Clannad Mystery File in August 2010 and another novel titled Clannad: Magic Hour in December 2010.[17]


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